In 2013, I bought tickets for my girlfriend and myself for a Max Raabe und Palast Orchester concert, as a christmas gift. Now I could't jus give her the tickets in an envolope.... how boring an unextraordinary would that have been..

So I got an idea... I could build her a miniature version of a concert hall. Including a stage and the entire orchester..Yup, that is the kinds of ideas I have.. which I sometimes, at certain times.. regret that I had them. But then I had a problem. I wanted to present it by setting it up in front of her when she had her eyes closed and when she opend them, it should be sitting right infront of her face:-) And how could I achieve that? I couldn't place it on the table, it would have been too low.. so I had another idea..I would build two colums for it … in perfekt height.

So I drew up the plans, had the big wood sheets cut, bought color, screws, LEDs and cable etc. and got started.. im my apt. Sionce i don't have a wood- shop- in 3 rooms, mainley on the floor. My apt looked like a construction site for about 2 months. The worsst time was, wehn my girlfriend came for a visit, because i had to store everything away so she wouldn't see it and parts of it are rather big :-)

All the little podiums are made up of 3 parts, which i sawed out with a jigsaw.

I layed out and soldered alot of cables and LEDs. Which I am not very good at.

Every little podium has its own lightand there are 3 spots in the front of the stage.

There are lights shinning down from the ceiling. There is a curtain which can be rolled up and let down.

I got the memebers of the Orchester by watching DVDs and taking photos of paused pictures. Taht took alot of hours-- getting the right picture and stopping it on time so that I could take the photo.

All the little chairs where also cut with a jigsaw.


I don't ever want to do a project like that again..

well, i say that every time :-)


PS- my apartment doesn't look like that anymore.