About me:


I am borderliner/misophonist. I live with phases of deep depression and therefore in my own little world. I don't see things or feel emotions like „normal“ people do, which often places me in difficult or awkward situations. Things, which seem normal an logic to me, seem to others rather weird. I, on the other hand can't always understand, why others don't understand me or my point of view.

At certain times or events, I get complete pictures formed in my head, usually paired with music. I try to display me feelings or emotions through my pictures. It is a kind of self-therapy for me.


About my site:


My Photos almost always a specific series of pictures – developed out of a thought or feeling – underlined with music. The best way to look at them is as slide shows. That way, you can actually seen and here them, them as I do in my head. The photos are meant to be viewed in poster size.

I purposely didn't use display icons of the photos. Some series have 60- 100 photos, that would have taken up too much space.

I have an agreement, with all of my models, that I will never give out their names.

I kept the site to a minimal. It is only meant to show a preview to of my photos.

I am not really concerned with grammatic or sentence structuring.


About my slide shows:


I don't own any rights on the music which I use in my slide shows. Only the photos are mine. I don't infringe on any copy rights and I am not earning any money with my slide shows. I do pay Gemma fees. There is a chance, that you will  see advertisemensts before the slide show begins. This is not my doing. It is included in the copy right argreement, so that I am able to use the music on my website. There is also a possiblity, that the slide shows can't be viewed on your cell phone. Also part of the agreement.